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Resell the Invisible Phone Guard (IPG)

Join the hundreds of business owners currently taking advantage of the opportunity to add IPG to their existing product lineup. The IPG has created a new standard for protecting expensive personal electronics devices, and our authorized resellers are an integral element of this fast-growing market. Please join our team and become a part of the phenomenal success story! Whether you operate out of a physical location or over the internet, we are excited to find out whether the IPG is a fit for you.

About the IPG

With hundreds of designs , the Invisible Pone Guard is the industry standard for protecting expensive personal electronics. Exceptionally clear, unbelievably thin and virtually indestructible, the film originally designed for the Air Force and NASA to protect head lights and windows of the fighter planes and space shuttle from birds and chondrite (small meteorites) . It combines unbeatable scratch protection with aerospace grade, and lets you use your sleek, streamlined electronics without fear of scratches or nicks. The IPG replaces bulky cases and brittle covers as the premiere choice for protecting electronics. IPG’s unique ingredients provide self-healing for your existing scratches. It does not alter the operation of touch-sensitive screens, and still allows for easy docking and interruption-free use. IPG’s unique ingredients provide self-healing for your most of existing scratches. For now The IPG is available for all of the hottest gadgets, iPods, Cell Phones, soon we will add our line Digital Cameras, GPS systems, Laptops, Gaming Consoles, watches and various MP3 players. Please check out our demo videos to see just how strong and unnoticeable the IPG really is!

Benefits of Being an Authorized Reseller

• The IPG is an admired, known brand that generates great word-of-mouth publicity
• Great margins and up-sell opportunities
• As a reseller, you have first access to all of the latest IPG designs
• The IPG can be a great additional source of revenue
• Full product and customer service support from IPG
• Be a part of the exciting IPG team and share in the success

Our sales team is waiting to answer your questions and provide any information you may need.





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